Our Beliefs

MEA MARÈ is a jewelry brand, consisting of handmade silver and gold jewelry. We strongly believe in exclusivity, quality and culture. The aesthetic of MEA MARÈ is minimalistic and raw, modern yet timeless. By combining these unique aspects MEA MARÈ ensures that everyone can express themselves during all occasions.

Inspired by the fascinating landscape of the north of Chile, where an impressive, lifeless mountain range is only a few kilometers away from the endless and lively sea. This inspiring landscape is expressly reflected in every MEA MARÈ product. The mountains are expressed in the rough and adventurous forms of the 925 Sterling silver and the gemstones radiates the colorful blue ocean.

All MEA MARÈ products are handmade in the Netherlands and Italy and make explicit use of special gemstones that can be found in Chile in order to complement the balance. These different gemstones have an authentic, inner effect that connects with your personality, intuition or feeling. 

                                                        Our inspiration; Tocopilla, Chile

Jewelry is the most timeless form of fashion. The core lies in the emotional value of the product. The products of MEA MARÈ are modern and up-to-date, and at the same time it is a showpiece that lasts forever, from generation to generation.

Con amor, MEA MARÈ