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Out of Stock? Don't worry!

Is your favourite item out of stock, do you need a smaller or bigger ring size? Don't worry we got you! Please contact us at info@mea-mare.com and we will do our best to help you get your showpiece!

MEA MARÈ & Sustainability

At MEA MARÈ we strongly believe in personal service and to get your items as fast as possible to your doorstep. We also believe in a sustainable way of production. Our products are available in limited quantities to avoid leftover inventory. This process reduces wastage, overproduction and unsold goods.
Producing jewelry leaves a footprint on our planet and we strive to do better along the way. We are in the business of making goods, so we have a responsibility to offset and understand the scope of our environmental impact. We want to disrupt this system permanently, by making an example to find balance in demand & supply. 
Let's make this place a better home. 
con amor, MEA MARÈ